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Dear All,


As you are all now aware Grand Lodge have informed us all that Lodge and Chapter

meetings will be suspended for four months in light of the current Coronavirus

situation.  The Stafford Masonic Club Executive Committee would like to add to

this statement regarding the use in general of the Masonic Hall in Stafford.  


All meetings, rehearsals, LoI's, committee meetings and additional events have

been removed from the Hall diary and the doors of the Hall will remain locked unless

otherwise agreed.  A decision will be made with regard to the leaving meal for Lawrence

nearer the time, but we are hopeful that this can still take place.  If advice changes in the

short term we will review this decision.


We have taken this decision for two main reasons.  Our caretaker has requested in the current climate to spend more time away from the Hall to which we have agreed, so for security purposes the doors will be locked and the building alarmed when no one is on the premises.  Secondly, to make use of the time meetings are suspended we are looking at extending the period of summer maintenance to the Hall, kitchens and adjoining house to commence shortly, rather than the scheduled May start.


If your Lodge or Order still requires access to the building for whatever reason could you please let me know so that provisions can be made to accommodate your needs wherever possible, and make sure the Hall is accessible.  


Could you please forward this email to those who may need the information.  Thank you as always for your help and co-operation and we all hope that yourself and your members stay safe and healthy during this time.


If you need to discuss this further please feel free to contact.


Sincerely and Fraternally,


Mike Clews

Stafford Masonic Club Secretary